Anthony Degleris

Anthony Degleris

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About Me

I am currently an Electrical Engineering Ph.D. student at Stanford University studying optimization, statistics, and power systems. I'm grateful to be supported by the Stanford Graduate Fellowship and the DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship.


Point process models for sequence detection in high-dimensional neural spike trains
Alex Williams, Anthony Degleris, Yixin Wang, Scott Linderman
Neural Information Processing Systems, 2020.

A provably correct and robust algorithm for convolutive nonnegative matrix factorization
Anthony Degleris, Nicolas Gillis
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2020.

Fast convolutive nonnegative matrix factorization through coordinate and block coordinate updates
Anthony Degleris, Ben Antin, Surya Ganguli, Alex Williams.
arXiv preprint, 2019.

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