Anthony Degleris

Anthony Degleris

Ph.D. Student
Stanford University
Electrical Engineering
email: degleris at stanford dot edu
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About Me

I'm a current Electrical Engineering Ph.D. student at Stanford University studying optimization, statistics, and power systems. I'm grateful to be supported by the Stanford Graduate Fellowship and the DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship.

In addition to my research at school, I also research data-driven models for systems economics at Locus Analytics. During my undergraduate studies, I researched unsupervised learning models for large-scale neural data. In my free time, I like to run and brew fancy coffee.

You can see my CV here.


Distributed Energy Management. More details coming soon.

Convolutional Factorizations. Most spatial and temporal data exhibit local dependencies, e.g. I'm more likely to respond your text message from three seconds ago than I am to respond to your text message from three years ago. Convolutions naturally model these local dependencies. Convolutional factorizations leverage this fact to decompose complex datasets in a complex manner. You can see some of my research on this topic here and here. More coming soon.

Systems Economics. I work as a data scientist for Locus Analytics, an economic research firm pioneering "systems economics."


This fall, I'm a teaching assistant for ENGR 108: Applied Matrix Methods (previously listed as EE 103 / CME 103). This will be my sixth quarter teaching the course.